Deconstruction vs Demolition: Which One is Better?

Are you a diligent home builder who wants to save unused home materials? Experts in the deconstruction industry claim that your home renovation project may not require a full demolition. You might just have to repair the roof and not demolish the whole house. Doing so doesn’t just save construction materials but also keep trash away from the landfill. Homeowners can also recycle some of the products they weren’t able to use or sell them to recycle stores for additional cash. 

When you really need to demolish your house, hire service providers with several teams to remove each part physically instead of using a bulldozer to flatten out the structure. ⠀ Gradually remove each part, taking extra time to handle the lighting and flooring. It’s best to take the house down from top to bottom. 

What is Deconstruction? 

Deconstruction is a sustainable solution to demolition because the staff can save certain pieces of the house that can be recycled. The most commonly saved items are windows, doors, shelves, furniture, storage equipment, framing, flooring, and roofing materials. On estimate, about 85% of a house can still be recycled.  

Only 15% is total waste. The asphalt roof of homes, for example, can be used to pave or repair roads. That’s how to handle the problem of roofing debris taking the most space in the landfill. That’s like removing one of the biggest wastes of a community. With them taken care of, the landfills won’t fill up quickly, as it does now. 

Partial Deconstruction vs Demolition  

Deconstructing can be done in just a few rooms of the house. You can get people to tear down just a part of your house so you can renovate. Like demolition, it involves the removal of the non-structural items. They’ll usually take out anything else that is reusable, like gates, doors, windows, trims, and flooring.  

Buyers can then go ahead and purchase those, along with other stuff like light fixtures, showerheads, door hinges, outdoor lamps, bed frames, and even dishwashers. The price, of course, will be way lower than the market price.   

Disadvantages of Deconstruction 

Nevertheless, deconstruction may add more days to your project’s completion. Unlike demolition, it can’t make the area ready the next day. It would take 2-3 days to complete a simple deconstruction of a home whereas a demolition project will only take hours to complete.  

Deconstruction may also mean higher labor costs if you’re doing the project yourself and is not hiring a third-party to do it. A regular deconstruction project may cost you $800 to several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the area. Nevertheless, during recovery, consumers could reduce costs by recycling deconstructed products. You’ll also spend less on the materials that will be used for your new construction project. 

The right choice, of course, will depend upon your needs. You are free to choose residential or commercial demolition if that’s going to benefit your bottom line better. Demolition is recommended if you need to finish a project on a strict deadline and you have an open budget for it.  

Things You Should Know About Demolition Cleanup

What first pops in your mind once you encounter the term “demolition”? The majority of us think that it involves a commercial building, which is taken down in a controlled explosion or a wrecking ball that knocks down buildings. We tend to overlook that demolition cleanup is the most vital part of the process of demolition.  

Demolition cleanup guarantees that any building remains left has been destroyed. The cleanup’s success depends on the tools utilizes and the process of planning. Hence, you must be careful while planning the demolition cleanup and make sure that the appropriate tools and equipment are utilized to perform the cleanup. This is the case, particularly for massive demolition works. 

Search for the best demolition companies near me if you wish to have a successful demolition cleanup. A good demolition contractor will perform the job strategically, methodically, and professionally, particularly if there’s a consideration to build another building on the similar working site after the first demolition work is done. 

Below are the major vital factors to demolition cleanup that’s perfectly planned.  


Any type of demolition procedure must be planned carefully. If you want to proof of planning, you can refer to your breakdown of cost analysis.  

Demolition Approaches 

The approach utilized in demolishing a building will know the debris that would be remained after the process of demolition. Once the approach utilized to demolish a property does its work more carefully and slowly, more items will be reusable and recyclable. This will minimize then requirements for cleanup after demolishing a building.  

Safety equipment 

Crew members have to wear the appropriate kind of personal protective gear. Doing so could help lessen the chances of accidents and injuries throughout the demolition process. 

Disposing of properly 

Choose demolition contractors near me who can manage waste in an environmentally friendly manner. This is why it’s always great to inquire about a contractor about their ways of disposing of waste before you employ them. 

The appropriate job tools 

Utilizing the appropriate tools for cleaning up is vital since this could guarantee that the project will be finished for a short time. Or else, the demolition project would take longer compared to the expected time, leaving more remains.  

Make sure to let your demolition contractor know how you would want to utilize the area after the process of demolition cleanup. You have to do so since this could impact the measures that the hired contractor will do. Other contractors utilize commercial grade products to spread straw bales on the working are or to layout grass seed as a part of the ultimate stage of the entire process.  

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When to Hire a Demolition Company for Your Commercial Property

It can be very hard to own a commercial property. This is because you have to make sure that the establishment is maintained constantly. You also have to keep it functional for your tenants and make it look enticing for potential tenants.  

When you’re a property owner, demolition might not be a solution you think of instantly. Thus, when should you hire demolition companies near me?   

If you’re having Difficult Time Attracting Clients for your Commercial Property 

You might have to consider demolishing your property and rebuilding it if it isn’t attracting tenants because of its condition or size. Indeed, this is an expensive project. However, it offers a lot of benefits for your investment in the long term and it will make sure that the property is functional for potential tenants.  

If you’re buying a Commercial Building 

You might want to buy a property for the land, demolish the building, and build what you really want if you want your establishment to be a particular land size or be in a certain suburb but you don’t find anything that fits.  

If the Remodeling or Renovation Costs Have Increased 

Demolition services might be a more affordable option than renovation or repair if you purchased a property but repairs have ended up being extremely costly. You can also avail a demolition service if you think that the property you purchased can’t be salvaged at all.  

The Repair Expenses is Much Greater Than the Investment’s Value 

You might want to think about trying to recover your losses. You can do this by demolishing your building and selling the land right after. This will entice a lot of buyers who are interested in building a property on your land.  

If The Building Isn’t Safe Anymore 

Several states have a law that may require demolition services. This is especially true if your building is not safe anymore. But, you might be able to get a property discount if you are looking to buy a commercial establishment that’s declared unsafe. Of course, you will be the one to demolish the building and rebuild it. 

If You Have Purchased a Cheap and Neglected Building 

You might have to hire a demolition service if the neglected building you purchased is infested heavily with animals or termites. This is especially true if the issue is extremely severe. You should also know that demolition does not really mean that you’ve got to tear down the entire building. 

If You Are Always Repairing Your Building 

When you add them up, repairs are extremely expensive. This is especially true if you keep on repairing the foundation. You might consider a demolition service instead of spending your money constantly on repairs.  

If You Want To Get Rid of Asbestos 

Renovating a building is extremely hard and dangerous if it has asbestos. You will have to contact a licensed professional to get rid of it. The easier and cheaper option might be to utilize a demolition service instead if your building has a lot of asbestos.