Facts about Microblading

Each time you see a gorgeous pair of eyebrows, possibilities are they are a product of microblading Seattle. Perfect pair of brows is hard to achieve, even if you use a high-quality brow pencil.  

Microblading is like stitching your eyebrows. A professional will use a unique pencil to draw tiny and accurate strokes that copy the look of actual hair. During the previous years, the popularity of microblading has skyrocketed. This is because of its unmatched natural result.  

Before you go and avail microblading, here are several facts that you should know.  

You May Not Get the Brows You Desire If You’ve Got Low Iron 

According to professionals, you have to take iron supplements 6 weeks before your microblading date, as well as 6 weeks after the appointment if you’re anemic or have a low level of iron. Almost every micro-pigment utilized for this technique is iron-oxide based. This means that if you have a low level of iron, the retention can be extremely low.  

The Result Will Be Affected By Your Skin Type 

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to eyebrows. Thus, it really makes sense when we say that microblading will look different for every person. According to professionals, if you have a dry skin complexion, you will achieve a more defined and crisp hair-like stroke. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin complexion, you will achieve a more powdery result for your eyebrows. That is why you have to follow the aftercare instructions of your technician if you have oily skin. To get rid of excess oils, you should blot your forehead several times per day. This will help you prevent a powdery result.  

Professionals recommend following the same tips for oily type of skin if you’ve got a darker complexion. You should also avoid using any kind of moisturizer to your eyebrows.  

Microblading Lasts Longer Than Threading or Waxing 

Typically, threading or waxing your brows last around 3 weeks maximum before you’ve got to make your next appointment. On the other hand, the results are semi-permanent with microblading. According to professionals, since microblading only requires touchup every 12 up to 18 months, it is an ideal choice for most women and men who desire fuller brows. You can also save a lot of money in the long run. If the natural brow color has changed, if the skin texture has changed, if facial features have changed, or if you want a bit different shape; the brow technician can make adjustments.  

Water Will Help You 

Though several microblading stations say that you should not use water in the brow area for 2 weeks after your microblading session, this is certainly not true according to professionals. Microblading is a technique that uses extremely fine strokes in the skin’s surface to produce hair-like appearance. Meaning, the customer will leave with tiny wounds on their brow area after the microblading session. To avoid infection, you have to clean your eyebrows with lukewarm water a couple of times every day.