Mobile Home Removal: Factors that Affect its Cost

First of all, there is more than one approach to eliminating a mobile home, and every approach is equated to its own cost. Similarly, each approach has its personal group of factors that greatly affect the cost. Below are some of the several aspects that serve a role in terms of mobile home removal cost and ways to acquire the greatest deal: 

The distance of the place you want it to be relocated 

If you want to have your mobile home relocated to a new place, you will be liable for lesser expenses if your destination is close compared to having it transported for long distances. Hauling a mobile home after a huge truck is not a simple thing to do and inexpensive. It doesn’t only need too much fuel to reach where it should. However, once the mobile home is huge, you’ll definitely need assistance or escort, which requires you to pay more.  

Mobile home’s size 

Without a doubt, the mobile home’s size is one of the greatest factors that can impact the total expense of mobile home removal near me. Hence, you naturally could anticipate paying more if you have a double-wide mobile home compared to a single-wide one. Regardless if you are relocating it, deconstructing it, or demolishing it—the bigger your mobile home is, the more costly it would be if you want it to be eliminated. 

Mobile home contents 

Once your mobile home is packed with things, it would be much heavier compared to carrying an empty mobile home. A heavier load is expected to be more costly to relocate or remove. 

Not only the contents inside, but the mobile home’s overall weight serves a major part of the removal cost. Newer mobile homes tend to be more costly to remove since they could weigh more than 10 pounds every square foot compared to other models. 

Inspection and permit fees 

Demolishing mobile homes requires you to get a permit, which commonly needs a fee that could cost from 100-250 dollars or more in other situations depending on your location. 

A permit is also needed if you plan to transport your mobile home to a new state or country. Also, if you’re bringing the mobile home together as soon as it arrives at its destination, you might have to get a “set-up” permit to go on with that. 

Regardless if you want your mobile home to be relocated, deconstructed, or demolished, guarantee to talk with your demolition contractor about who will be entrusted to acquire the needed permits and whether they are included in the cited price or not.   

Services and tools 

Mobile home relocation is the most challenging out of all removal approaches. The home won’t only have to be checked before relocating it—which charges money—however, it should sufficiently be ready for the moving and the re-assembling as you arrive, as well. Moreover, this project also needs heavy-duty equipment and tools, which also requires you to shell off some money.  

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